Here at KBDABFM we have some of the best home audio systems on the market, plus we are one of the largest suppliers of KBsound systems and products.

In-Ceiling DAB/FM Radio & Bluetooth Speakers

KBSOUND STAR can be fitted to any room in the home, a Kit with a pair of 2.5″ speakers is perfect for smaller rooms like Bathrooms and Childrens Bedrooms while a Kit with a pair of 5″ speakers is great for Kitchens, Living Rooms and any large space within the home.
KBSOUND STAR is almost invisible, it installs easily in the ceiling and is simple to operate with mobile device or handheld remote.

Features include:

DAB & FM Radio
Control with APP or Remote
Supplied with either 2.5″ or 5″ speaker
Pairs with Alexa

No1 for KBSOUND Systems

KBSOUND products are a range of innovative audio solutions for the home and commercial premises

KBSOUND originally specilaised in in-ceiling & in-wall radios specifically designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
However, the KBSOUND range has now expanded to cover all areas of the home with Bluetooth being included as standard.
In-wall and WiFi products now complement an extensive product range while retaining the unique capabilities of KBSOUND.
KBSOUND are manufactured by eissound.

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